5 Rental-Friendly Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment Home

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Looking to brighten up your next apartment home? When you sign a new lease agreement, planning furniture and d├ęcor is something many get excited about. There are a number of rental-friendly decor tips you can incorporate into your apartment to achieve that bright and airy look you desire!

1) Decorate With Reflective Materials

Reflective materials, such as mirrors, are a great way to strategically create the illusion of more space while brightening up any room. The best part? You don't necessarily have to hang mirrors from the drywall to take advantage of this decor strategy. Even leaning a floor mirror up against a wall can go a long way in reflecting natural light and opening up any space.

And of course, your options here aren't just limited to mirrors. Other reflective decor (such as metallic accessories or anything shiny) can go a long way in achieving the same goals. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a little bling in their living space?

2) Incorporate Some Greenery

A little greenery can also make a huge difference when it comes to the look and feel of your space. Whether you opt for faux plants or prefer the real thing, flowers and plants are a great way to bright up any room with minimal effort.

Many renters prefer faux plants because they'll last forever and don't require a specific amount of sunlight or care. This makes them easy to place anywhere in an apartment (even in spaces that may not have windows, such as bathrooms or entryways).

Plus, there are some unbelievably realistic-looking artificial plants available today; check your local craft stores and you may be amazed at what you find! You can even swap out your "greenery" seasonally to keep things fresh. If you have an eye for it, you can even create your own fake floral arrangements for different areas of your apartment.

Of course, if you prefer real plants, there are plenty of rental-friendly greenery options to consider. Some examples of house plants that require little sunlight include succulents, spider plants, and bamboo.

You can also think outside the box a bit when it comes to incorporating "greenery" into your home. In lieu of house plants, for example, you might consider setting up your own windowsill herb garden. Even setting out a bowl of fruit in your kitchen or dining area can work wonders for brightening things up with a little help from nature.

3) Choose the Right Furniture

Dark and drab furniture can create the opposite of a light and airy effect in your rental, so be sure to choose furniture wisely for your apartment. As you shop, look for pieces with lighter finishes. Creams, whites, and light greys are ideal colors for painted furniture and are neutral enough to work with just about any decor. If you're looking for wooden pieces, seek out paler woods, such as American white oak, white beech, and white ash. Bamboo is another functional and environmentally friendly furniture material to consider for your rental.

If you'll be bringing existing furniture into your apartment home, consider whether it may be worth painting or otherwise refinishing some pieces to brighten them up before you arrive. You might, for example, sand down an old dining set with a darker finish and repaint it white. Meanwhile, adding bright and colorful cushions to existing dining room chairs can breathe new life into an older dining set while brightening up your space!

4) Brighten Up Walls With Artwork

Adding fun pops of color throughout your apartment is a great way to lighten things up without the need to paint any walls or make any other drastic changes. Consider picking out a few statement pieces for the main living areas of your apartment.

5) Make Deliberate Lighting Choices

The right lighting choices can drastically brighten up a rental, both figuratively and literally. So, what are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing lighting for your apartment? Start by identifying which rooms or areas are most in need of additional light. This may include rooms without any overhead lighting (such as bedrooms) or spaces that don't receive much natural light.

From there, select lighting options to suit your tastes. Floor lamps are a great choice for renters because they're freestanding and can also serve as a decor/statement piece. Opting for floor lamps with brightly colored lamp shades can add pops of color to your apartment while serving the functional purpose of adding light in darker areas.

You can also create a little ambience with string lights, which can be easily hung around windows or along walls. String lights and similar solutions are great for rentals because many of them are battery powered, meaning you won't need to plug them into an outlet or run any additional wiring to enjoy their lovely warmth.

How Will You Brighten Up Your Apartment?

As you can see, brightening up an apartment doesn't have to mean making drastic changes—or (eek!) breaking the terms of your lease. With a little creativity and planning, you can achieve the airy and beautiful living space you've been dreaming of. Now, which of these tips will you incorporate into your apartment?

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